Unmasking Jack the Ripper - DVD.

George Yard 1890Jack the Ripper Tour Osborn Street Corner.Thrawl Street WhitechapelBucks Row Whitechapel.Homeless at itchy park.Dorset Street in Spitalfields.

The Internationally Acclaimed Drama/Documentary




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This acclaimed 75 minute dram-documentary was filmed on the Our dvd front cover.streets of Whitechapel at each one of the Jack the Ripper Murder Sites. Other sections were filmed in The London Dungeon’s Chilling Jack the Ripper Exhibition. Location shots and evocative dramatic reconstructions were filmed in the sinister Labyrinth of Clerkenwell’s underground House of Detention. Combined they lend both quality and genuine atmosphere to the production.

It is the autumn of 1888 and a sinister serial killer is loose on the streets of London's East End. At first he is known simply as 'The Whitechapel Murderer'. But in time, thanks to a mysterious letter sent to a London news agency, he will become known as 'Jack the Ripper,' in which capacity his name will become famous throughout the world.

This fascinating and dramatic Jack the Ripper DVD gives you the opportunity to journey back to that long ago era and view the very streets where the infamous Whitechapel murders occurred.

Filmed on location in the East End of London, viewers can enjoy a fascinating journey around the actual murder sites as the compelling narrative creates a vivid picture of what the area was actually like in the autumn of 1888, when terror stalked the shadows, and the coming of night brought fear and panic to those who lived in the area.

You will join the Victorian police as they race against time to stop Jack the Ripper before he kills again; learn the real reason why they found it so difficult to hunt him down in an area of a little more than one square mile; and become familiar with every twist and turn of what is without doubt the world’s greatest murder mystery.

'Unmasking Jack the Ripper' was written by and is presented by best selling author Richard Jones. He has featured on three Jack the Ripper documentaries on both the History and Discovery Channel’s including the acclaimed The Hunt For Jack The Ripper. He was also featured on the DVD that accompanied the Johnny Depp film From Hell, providing an expert opinion on the identity of jack the Ripper.

Richard is joined by fellow author Paul Begg, whose books Jack the Ripper:- The Definitive History and Jack The Ripper:- The Facts have become international best sellers and have led to him being acclaimed as one of the world’s leading authorities on the Jack the Ripper murders. Paul’s gripping contributions help ensure that the viewer is presented with the most accurate and up to date information on this fascinating case.

Other interviewees featured in the programme include Lindsay Siviter, a leading Jack the Ripper researcher; Zena Shine, who may well be a descendent of the police’s main suspect; and local historian Jenny Phillips, who helps create an impression of the living and social conditions in the area at the time of the murders.

Unmasking Jack the Ripper also includes evocative black and white photographs that really help capture the mood and feel of the streets as they were in 1888. These coupled with a musical soundtrack that was specially filmed for the drama documentary give a terrific sense of place to the film.

Dramatic reconstructions, filmed in both the superbly sinister London Dungeon and the equally macabre House of Detention in Clerkenwell, ensure that the action never flags as you enjoy a breathtaking and bloodcurdling journey through the autumn of terror.

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Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London Book Cover.

Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London, by Ripper expert Richard Jones takes you on a fascinating journey back to the autumn of 1888 and tells the story of the 10 weeks over which the Whitechapel murders occurred. a close look at the period over The book is illustrated with both full colour and evocative black and white photographs that give an excellent feel for Jack the Ripper's London then and now.

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